Life Unposed | St. Louis Family Portrait

If you have a toddler (or have ever seen a toddler), you know that they are all over the place. Everything is exciting, and they typically want to see and explore it all. My general philosophy when shooting family portraits with toddlers is this: If the kid is happy, everyone is happy. We treat the session like a fun day at the park, there just happens to be a very bright lady following around everywhere with a camera.


The super bonus to shooting a session this way is the true, genuine emotion captured in every photo. It’s real life. So if your 3-year old jumps off the blanket where you’re nicely snuggled up together to go chase after a bird (or try swimming in the Grand Basin in Forest Park), that’s ok. Instead of the photo of everyone looking at the camera and smiling, I’ll take the one of Dad scooping him up in his arms, of Mom wrapping him in a big hug, and of the whole family crouching under a tree playing with leaves. Because that’s life, and life is unposed.


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