Meet St. Louis Photographer
Kelly Cook

(and her beagles)


I married this cool guy named Cody in 2014, & we have two beagles named Boba Pett & Bark Vader (yup, I really like Star Wars!). I go to a ton of concerts, have way too many (or not enough?) houseplants, & I'm a total burger slut. I love Blues hockey, but I'm also a die-hard KC Chiefs fan. My husband and I have Chiefs season tickets which means my fall/winter is filled with shooting weddings on Saturdays and immediately driving to KC for football Sunday morning. I love it.

I'd love to grace you with my "amazing" dance moves and my party socks at your wedding, so read on to see if we might be a good fit!

Hi, I'm Kelly, and I am your Jedi Master of Light (did I mention that I'm a huge Star Wars nerd?)! I'm the owner, photographer, and cake tester here at Kelly Cook Photography. I'm here to tell your story and make your wedding photography as fun and painless for you as possible (and also eat some of your wedding cake)!




pairs of
party socks


Concerts attended

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St. Louis



savoring experiences

Whether it's relaxing and listening to records, having friends over for a BBQ, or a quick weekend getaway, I believe in savoring experiences and slowing down to enjoy the moment.

I want you to be fully present to experience your wedding day with your spouse and honored guests.


Developing Genuine Connections

I absolutely love getting together with friends at our favorite local restaurant to enjoy some good food and drink and share stories all night.

I also believe in fostering genuine connections with my clients so I'm not just some stranger with a camera at your wedding. When we connect and I know what matters most to you, I can tell your real story.


Celebrating individuality

We're all weird here, so just roll with it and love who you are! Our weirds are what make us all awesome, and I 100% believe in celebrating individuality!

Be yourself. Plan your wedding your way. Follow traditions or make your own, just don't let the haters bring you down! 

I believe in

Let's do this!

Are you ready to party?