Spring Engagement in Tower Grove | Suzanne & Dalston

Engagement Photos in Tower Grove

Spoiler alert: this post has kitties! It also has a ton of love shared between a really rad, non-traditional couple! Suzanne and Dalston are a perfect match and complete equals in their relationship. They both give 100%, which is why they both proposed to each other! In fact, they flipped a coin to decide who would ask first (it was Suzanne). Spoiler alert: they both said yes! And since they got engaged at the Tower Grove Park ruins, it was very fitting to begin their engagement photos in Tower Grove!

Tower Grove Park Engagement Photos in Spring

We began Suzanne and Dalston’s session where their engagement began, at the same spot where they proposed at the ruins. It was a beautiful, sunny spring evening, and the perfect weather for walking around the park. Suzanne is even more of a plant nerd than I am, and as we walked she called out the names of all the flowers and trees we passed; this session was not only fun but also educational! Suzanne and Dalston soaked up the sun and basked in the joys of their relationship, and as the sun began setting we moved the shoot to their house.

Engagement Photos at Home (with Cats!)

Suzanne and Dalston’s home is just as wonderful and eclectic as they are, so it was the perfect place to wrap up our photoshoot. They wanted to include their kitties in some photos, so they all snuggled up on the couch together for a few photos before the cats had enough and escaped their parents’ grasps. Normally cats get all up in my business (it’s like they know I’m allergic to them!), but these two wanted nothing to do with my camera and me! We let the cats have some peace inside while Suzanne and Dalston grabbed some drinks to enjoy the night together in their backyard garden. It was the perfect end to the perfect night!

I’ll have more of these two soon, but until then, enjoy the rest of the photos from their spring engagement in Tower Grove!

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