Tropical Disco Wedding Shoot at The Leona

Disco Wedding Styled Shoot

This is for all of you couples ready to put on your dancing shoes and party the night away! I’ve had this idea in my head for over a year, ever since I started collecting disco balls for my studio. I’ve only photographed a couple of wedding styled shoots (if you have no idea what I’m talking about–a styled wedding shoot is basically a collaboration to design a wedding day to photograph…without the actual marriage part. It’s great for exploring new trends and inspiration, flexing those creative muscles, and adding some extra portfolio work!), but I wanted to be really hands-on in the planning and execution of this idea. What started as a sophisticated, black-tie disco theme transformed into the colorful and tropical disco wedding at The Leona that you’ll see below…because I really love color!

We still blended a bit of black-tie style with pops of color and all the sparkle to create the perfect vibe for a modern couple ready to celebrate. This shoot centered around the use of disco balls with a vibrant color palette of pinks and purples to complement the Art Deco style of The Leona. We chose to use a range of sparkle and shimmer for our bride’s gowns, from a subtle shimmer to full sequins and beading (plus sparkly blue boots!); and we added a little pizazz to her partner with an all-black ensemble with a glitter bowtie. Our amazing team of vendors put together a wedding shoot that would certainly be a fun and unforgettable event!

No Panic! at this Disco

(Sorry…I had to…)

I worked closely with Amanda at The Leona to curate multiple events from a wedding day: all of the details, the ceremony, portraits, cocktail hour, the reception, and of course, the party! Our brides are already married so they didn’t have to fake any of the romance, and even better, their anniversary was the day after our shoot! In addition to our party of disco balls (pretty sure that’s what you’d call a group of disco balls), we had amazing florals, a combo flower/disco ball wall, a custom “Wife of the Party” jacket, a fabulous cake, and a violinist for wedding entertainment and some beautiful photoshoot music! Oh, and did I mention the confetti cannon? Yeah, we had one of those, too. This was such an amazing team, and everyone worked so hard to put together this shoot, so I’m going to make you read all of their names before we get to the tropical disco photo goodness!

Vendor Dream Team:

Planning & Design: Kelly Cook Photography & Amanda Chasnoff of The Leona/Seed Sprout Spoon
Photo: Kelly Cook Photography
Venue: The Leona
Table Styling: Seed Sprout Spoon
Bakery: Cake House Design
Florist: Bunches Squared
Dresses: Lovergirl Bridal & Savvy Bridal – St. Louis
Entertainment: TKO DJs & Emma Tiemann
Floral Wall: Eye Candy Rentals
Stationery & Custom Jacket: Minerva’s Mark
Officiant: STL Wedding Celebrant
Hair & Make-up: Looks by Lisa
Linens: Twisted Lilies, LLC
The Happy Couple: Tyra and Darline Dizon-Clark (Tyra sells amazing candles, check them out!)

NOW Enjoy this Tropical Disco Wedding!

(And click here to get in touch if you decide to have your own disco wedding!)

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