What to Do with Your Wedding Photos – Part 2

As I mentioned in part 1 of “What to Do with Your Wedding Photos,” I have a lot of opinions about what to do with your wedding photos. I began my photography journey shooting film and printing my images in the darkroom, so it’s not at all surprising that I have a fondness for printed photos. Fondness might be putting it lightly…I am a firm believer that the best way for you to preserve and enjoy your wedding photos is by having them printed! Continue reading below for part 2 of “What to Do with Your Wedding Photos” so that you can celebrate and savor your amazing wedding day for years to come!

What to do with your wedding photos: print your photos

Beautiful full-spread wedding image in a luxury wedding album

Wedding Albums

Wedding albums have come a long way, and this is not only my favorite way for couples to enjoy their wedding photos, but it’s also their favorite way to enjoy them, too! These images aren’t just photos, they are a story. Your story. Putting your photos into an album not only preserves them in print but also puts your story on paper so that you can relive your wedding day again and again, and your book will be your first family heirloom that can be passed down to your children.

While there are many consumer printers that can put together a book for you, I highly recommend ordering your wedding album through your photographer. Not only do we have an eye and a vision for how to best tell your story, but designing an album takes time, and a pro can do it faster and typically offer a higher quality album. All of my wedding albums are printed with archival-quality materials that are guaranteed to last, and I’ll work with you to make sure that your story is told the way it deserves.

Wedding Wall Art

If you are looking to make a statement in your home and with your wedding photos, wall art is the way to go! Metal prints are my favorite, but you can also hang canvas gallery wraps and matted and framed prints! Go big and hang a large single image above your sofa, or get creative and create a gallery of your favorite images in varying sizes!

If you have a wall you know could use some art, take a picture of your wall for me and I can show you exactly how your photos would look hanging in different sizes!

Photo of a metal print of a wedding photo hanging on a living room wall

Wedding Prints

You have a ton of options here! Often referred to as “gift prints,” the most common print sizes are 8×10″, 5×7″, and 4×6″; and these are great for framing to display on your desk, shelves, end tables, etc. While I don’t recommend hanging these smaller prints on your walls (unless you’re hanging a TON together to create a sort of gallery), these prints are still perfect for tabletop displays and sharing and gifting. Parents always love receiving their favorite photos as 8×10″ prints, but you can also create a beautiful display by putting a stack of prints in a glass, acrylic, or velvet display box!

Print your wedding photos

Whatever fits your style, just print your photos! Your wedding day will be such a blur, and you will likely forget so much of what happened. Your photos serve as a beautiful way to preserve those memories and help you relive your wedding day over and over again!

What’s your favorite way to enjoy your photos? Share below in the comments!

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