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Fun Branding Photography for a Fun, Geeky Brand

A fun brand should have fun branding photography, right?! Right! I’ve been a fan and follower of Cybermenology for a while and have purchased a number of her fun, geeky bags for myself and as gifts (that I most definitely almost kept for myself…). So, when Laura reached out about branding photos to update her headshot and show off her work, I absolutely did a little fangirl happy dance!

Handmade in St. Louis

Laura’s work is colorful and fun, so our goal with her shoot was to really show off the details of her handmade bags and style with pops of color. While the fun, geeky fabrics she uses are certainly the focus of her work, her attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship really bring the whole product together! From the lining of the bag to the zipper pulls, each piece has thought and love put into it, which we took care to show in her images!

Since Cybermenology’s bags are handmade, I wanted to show some of the behind-the-scenes process of her making a bag. When photographing products in a branding session, I also love incorporating human elements into the images, so we had Laura holding bags and showing off the linings. Photos like these are always more fun as a viewer, because we can see the product “in action” better than in a traditional product shot!

This session with Cybermenology is great proof that you can have fun branding photography, your photos and session don’t have to be boring just because it’s business! Putting your personality and your personal style into your branding photos will not only show off your business and your work but will also better connect with your audience and help them see the real you!

If you’re ready for your own fun branding photography session in St. Louis, click here to get in touch! And be sure to check out Cybermenology for all of your fun, geeky purse and bag needs!

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Instagram: @cybermenology
HMUA: Shanice Mac

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