Vintage-style Engagement Session in St. Louis

Vintage Engagement Photos in the Central West End

Ok, all of my couples and engagement sessions are special, but this vintage-style engagement session was a little bit extra special. Of course, their attire was a lot of fun and absolutely perfect (accentuated by the magnificent hair & make-up by my girl Shanice), but I’ve also gotten to know the bride, Laura, over the last couple of years! Laura has been a branding client of mine, and she’s also my bag lady (Cybermenology–check out her shop linked at the bottom)! Seriously, she makes amazing purses and bags, and I somehow own too many Star Wars purses made by her and also not enough…Laura’s fiancé Jim is great, too. Anyway, these two really wanted to do something outside of the box for their engagement photos, and I am absolutely always down for that!

We struck gold with a beautiful, sunny spring day in St. Louis, perfect for strolling around in the Central West End. Laura was the perfect picture of a pin-up with her pin-curl updo, red swing dress, and red lipstick; Jim looked quite dapper in his suit, hat, and red pocket square. Their session began with cocktails and a cigar at a cozy, little table on the patio at Brennan’s in the CWE.

Pro tip: Grabbing a drink is a fun way to start a session and a great way to get more comfortable in front of the camera if you’re nervous before your session!

After finishing their drinks, Laura and Jim took a nice, leisurely walk down the street together (with me following them and snapping away, of course). As I often do during sessions, I’d holler at them to freeze every now and then when the light would hit them perfectly or I’d notice a fun spot to stop for photos. While there weren’t many clouds in the sky, the tree-filled streets of the Central West End provided us some nice shade with gorgeous, golden sunlight filtering through the trees.

Vintage Vibes in the CWE

We finished our vintage-style engagement session adventure in one of my favorite hidden gems in the Central West End. On a quiet Sunday afternoon, we had the place to ourselves, so I had Laura and Jim cuddle up on a bench surrounded by tall hedges and flourishing trees. They were able to sit together quietly in the sunshine and take in the moment together before wrapping up their session with a big, epic kiss in the center of the park!

I hope you loved seeing these two at their vintage-style engagement session because there will be more photos of them VERY soon from their wedding!
In the meantime, keep scrolling for more photos and share what style or theme you’d choose for your photoshoot in the comments!

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