Spring Engagement Photos | Jen & Richard

Spring Engagement Photos in St. Louis

I love spring. My allergies do not. I’m confronted by a double-edged sword every time I leave the house; I’m so excited to get out in the beautiful, sunny weather…but there is pollen EVERYWHERE, and it’s wreaking havoc on my sinuses. But when I get to be outside photographing wonderful couples like Jen & Richard, it is absolutely 100% worth the immune response. Especially if it means taking spring engagement photos with magnolias in bloom that perfectly match the bride’s hair. I mean, COME ON!

Engagement Photos on South Grand

We wanted to bring more of a city vibe into the session outside of photos in the park, so we began Jen & Richard’s session with a stroll down South Grand. The weather was perfect, they looked amazing, and these two are just too damn cute together, so my job was nice and easy! We meandered down the street, popping into little alcoves and off onto side streets along the way, and it was so great watching these two be themselves together. They are so thoughtful and caring, you can just see the love between the two of them in every single photo!

Photos in Tower Grove Park

After a quick wardrobe change, we wandered into Tower Grove Park for some more photo fun! This set was a little more dressed down and no less adorable. The park was coming alive with color and budding flowers and blooming trees, so of course, we made the most of it! We made our way through the tree-lined sidewalks to the east entrance where the stunning magnolia trees were in full bloom (and yes, they matched Jen’s hair). I always love to finish a shoot with a bit of drama, and Jen and Richard DID. NOT. DISAPPOINT. (Special shoutout to the trees for doing their thing perfectly, too.)

There will be more magic from Jen and Richard soon after they celebrate their wedding next month, but for now, keep scrolling for more spring engagement photos of Jen and Richard PLUS a slideshow of their photos!

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