Enjoy Your Engagement: 5 St. Louis Summer Dates

Wedding planning is exhausting! I’ve been there, brides: staying up until the wee hours of the morning scouring Pinterest boards and Offbeat Bride, writing out planning checklists and invite lists and song lists, and trying to not strangle your beloved fiancé over his lack of enthusiasm about the perfect fonts for your invitations. It’s hard work to plan the perfect wedding day! While you’re busy creating a magical first day of marriage, it’s easy to forget to enjoy the ride there and enjoy your engagement.


Remember to schedule some wedding-free time this summer to just enjoy the company of your fiancé! We’ve got a pretty cool city here in St. Louis, so schedule yourself a date night or weekend to relax and do something fun together. Here are my top 5 St. Louis dates to enjoy in the summer:

1. Enjoy the outdoors in one of the 100+ parks in St. Louis

No matter what neighborhood you’re in, there’s a park for you! Take a long walk, have a picnic, or lie in the grass and stare at the clouds or stars! Visit Forest Park to enjoy the zoo, paddle boats, or Shakespeare in the Park; or check out Creve Coeur Park and rent a canoe, hang out on the beach, or bike the trails. Don’t forget to check out what’s in bloom at the Missouri Botanical Garden!


2. Take in some museums

Sometimes the heat in St. Louis is just too much. And when it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity. For the days that you just can’t step outside without being instantly suffocated by the mugginess, there are museums! The St. Louis Art Museum has a beautifully-curated collection and special exhibits for the summer, along with 4 movie nights on Art Hill throughout the summer. Brush up on your history at the Missouri History Museum, where you can also attend their Twilight Tuesday outdoor concerts. Or you can visit everyone’s favorite St. Louis museum that’s really a giant playground, City Museum!


3. Visit local breweries

St. Louis is rife with craft breweries! Many of them serve food, too, so grab some grub and drink local at Schlafly2nd ShiftPerennial, and more! If you’re not sure where to start, stop by Craft Beer Cellar to sample some drafts or mix up a 6-pack to try at home!


4. Enjoy some friendly competition

Visit Orbit Pinball Lounge in Maplewood or The Silver Ballroom in south city to see who can get high score and become the Pinball Wizard. You can also take to the lanes for a bowl off at Pin-Up BowlFlamingo Bowl, or the Moolah Lanes! Loser buys the next round!


5. Stay in

Avoid the heat and relax at home! Cook a nice meal together and catch up on some cuddle time on the couch with Netflix or borrow some books from the library and read together in lawn chairs on the deck. Just enjoy a stress-free night together in the comfort of your own home with NO WEDDING PLANNING! You can pick that back up tomorrow!


However you plan date night, just remember to make time for you and your fiancé as a couple and enjoy the summer! You’ll have plenty of time to plan your wedding, and your engagement will be be over before you know it!

Feel free to comment and add your own St. Louis date night suggestions!




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