Choosing the Perfect Wedding Date

You’re engaged! Congratulations! As soon as you start telling your loved ones the big news, you’re going to be excitedly asked, “Have you set a date?” You will be asked this a lot. A LOT. Setting a date will be one of the first major steps in planning your wedding and also one of the most difficult. How can you choose just one date out of no fewer than 365 options?! Considering my suggestions below will help you narrow down your options to the best date that works for you and your wedding!

Winery wedding


1. Start with the seasons

If you know you want an outdoor wedding, you probably don’t want to get married in winter in the Midwest. Alternatively, if you can’t stand the heat or want to wear an elegant, long-sleeved gown, summer is probably not the best option. Late spring and early autumn are the most popular seasons for weddings, when the weather is usually beautiful and comfortable. With St. Louis, though, anything can happen!

2. Consider your work and personal schedules

If you’re an accountant, you’re not going to plan your wedding in March or April, and if you’re a teacher or student, a summer wedding might be your best option. You may already have other weddings to attend in the future and want to avoid those dates that are already set. If you want to take a honeymoon, know that you’ll need to take off extra time for that following your wedding, too.

3. Think about any special dates

Do you want to get married on the anniversary of your first date, or honor your grandparents’ wedding anniversary? Maybe a Pi Day wedding or Friday the 13th wedding sounds great to you. If there is a day that is special to the two of you, it may be perfect for your wedding. Your wedding doesn’t have to take place on a Saturday, and it might make booking a venue easier! Keep in mind, though, that choosing a holiday will likely make it harder to find a venue and more expensive, as well.

4. Be flexible

If you have your heart set on a particular venue or even a photographer (Hello!), you may need to be flexible with your dates. Decide what is most important to you and be willing to compromise to secure it. Many popular venues will book 1-2 years in advance, so you may have to plan on a longer engagement to book your dream location.

5. Check your VIP guests’ schedules

Of course, not everyone you plan to invite will be able to attend your wedding, but try to find a date that works for your closest family and friends. If they’re close enough to you to be in your wedding party, you probably want them to be able to attend!

The perfect wedding date is the one that is perfect for you as a couple. It seems difficult to narrow down all of your options and pick one, but using these tips will make it a piece of delicious wedding cake!

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