How to Look Awesome (Not Awkward) in Photographs

One of the biggest concerns I hear about being photographed is, “I’m not photogenic.” In reality, it’s more likely that you’re: A. Not used to being in front of a camera and likely feel awkward and/or nervous, which shows in your photos. Or B. You’re used to being placed in awkward poses and told to smile for the camera, which often leaves you looking awkward and unnatural.

The main keys to looking awesome in your photos are to relax and act naturally. If you feel uncomfortable, you probably look uncomfortable. When I’m posing you for your photos, I want you to look and feel like yourself. I’ll be coaching you through poses and expressions that will create movement and emotion in your images.  Most people can spot a fake smile from a mile away, so you’ll never hear me tell you,”Say ‘Cheese.'” I want you to be yourself in your photos, because that’s when you look your best!

My shooting style is a combination of photojournalistic and traditional posing. Yes, I will often put you in a pose and snap a quick photo of you smiling at the camera. But then, I’m going to tell you to relax and interact with each other. This creates real expressions and emotions, which makes you look awesome! The posing I put you in gives us a base to work with, and then I want to capture the candid moments that happen in between. Share an inside joke or say your favorite things about each other; just act like I’m not even there. You’ll look better when you relax and just enjoy the moment together!

If you like these photos, I’ll be sharing more from Ada & Pete’s carnival engagement session in St. Louis soon, plus some more tips on preparing for your session (so you look your best)!



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