St. Louis Carnival Engagement Photos | Ada + Pete

Every photographer loves receiving a compliment about how much our clients love their photos, but there’s one compliment that I might appreciate hearing even more: “That session was really fun!” When I delivered Ada & Pete’s engagement photo guestbook and artwork, Ada told me how much fun they had during our carnival session (despite some rude/overbearing carnies and the worst fun-house ever), and how excited they were to see and share their printed artwork. These two were such a dream to work with, and I’m so thrilled to have provided them with engagement photos that truly captured their personalities and relationship. I won’t tell too much of their story, because I think their photographs show it much better than my words can describe.


As if by some magical carnival force, all three of us were somehow pulled to this “Live Nudes” sign, and luckily we all have the same sense of sarcastic humor that made this the perfect backdrop for a couple in love!

Now we enter the “World’s Worst Fun-House,” and then we promptly leave. This was literally all there was to it: a tiny mirror maze and a rotating tunnel. These two make it look much better than it really was.


As the sun started setting, the lights came on and created the magical, colorful glow we set out for at the fair. With the fairgrounds covered in a neon glow, Ada and Pete had some sweet moments together to enjoy each others’ company. The crowds and carnival sounds seemed to drift away, almost as though the fair was here just for the two of them.


Congratulations, Ada and Pete! I wish you the most amazing love and happiness in your future together, and I hope you enjoy the ride!



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