8 St. Louis Engagement Photo Ideas

Engagement Session Inspiration

A lot of couples aren’t keen on the idea of an engagement session because they just aren’t sure what to do. While I have tons of ideas and locations in my back pocket that I’ve shot already or would like to shoot, I also like to personalize your session so that it is unique to you! I think that the best locations for engagement photos are the ones that have some meaning to you and help tell the story of who you and your fiancé are as a couple. Below I have 8 St. Louis engagement photo ideas (and a bonus idea…so 9!) to give you inspiration and help you get started on planning your session!

1. A local park

St. Louis is home to so many great parks where we can share a leisurely stroll or picnic. Even the most popular parks in St. Louis have spots that are off the beaten path! Take some time to walk around and explore a little!

2. Where you first met/had your first date

Going back to your beginnings is a marvelous memory and a wonderful way to share your story. You’ll get caught up in reminiscing about your first date, which will make for some crazy adorable photos!

3. In the city

For a modern, urban vibe, there are tons of locations that offer a unique view of the city perfect for photos. Stop by a bar or shop you frequent together or just walk through one of your favorite neighborhoods. Areas like The Grove have a ton of inspiration, local hangouts, and great artwork and graffiti!

4. Your favorite coffee shop

Quiet conversation and snuggling up with a good coffee creates an intimate and relaxing session. Especially if grabbing coffee together is part of your weekend routine or if you have a favorite café to pop into while running errands, you can get some super cozy photos while you caffeinate!

5. Your proposal location

Why not capture your engagement at the place where you said yes? Just like where you first met, telling this part of your story will give you all the warm, fuzzy feelings that will totally show in your photos!

6. Choose a theme

Library, carnival, vintage, you name it! Base your session on a shared interest or tell your story in a fun, different way!

7. Seasonal

Enjoy the fun of the season, whether it’s a winter wonderland or springtime flowers. You can coordinate or contrast with your wedding season, too! Amanda and Kayla (bottom left photo) wanted a winter engagement session to go along with their winter wedding the following year. Erin and Jill (bottom right) opted for a spring engagement session to contrast with their fall wedding!

8. Photos with your pet

What better way to capture the start of your new family than by including your fur baby?! After all, pets are family, too! We’ll choose pet-friendly locations, or you can have a friend come along to keep an eye on your furry pal while we shoot elsewhere.


9. Your favorite local brewery

Today is National Beer Day, so I had to add a bonus spot to the list! Go drink local and visit your favorite brewery or pub! This is a great way to end your session because you get a delicious reward to celebrate (plus I’d love to join you for a pint)!

Do these suggestions give you any inspiration for your own St. Louis engagement photos? If you’d like to talk about some more ideas and book an engagement session, get in touch! I’d love to help you find some great locations to tell your story!

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