How to Keep Your Wedding Bouquet Fresh in an STL Summer

If you’ve lived in St. Louis for at least one day in the summer, you’ve heard this phrase. If you’re planning a summer wedding (or, let’s be honest, even a spring or fall wedding), there is a good chance you will be dealing with some crazy heat and humidity on your big day.

You want your blooms to survive for your wedding photos and your walk down the aisle, so use these tips to keep your bouquet looking fresh!

Florals by Flowers & Weeds

1. Choose your flowers wisely

Not every flower can hold up to the summer heat, so choose wisely. Your favorite flower may be too delicate for an outdoor wedding in the middle of the summer. Protea and birds of paradise are both hardy flowers that are absolute show-stoppers in a bouquet!

Floral Design by Roses & Mint

2. Trust your florist

Your florist knows best and should be able to recommend plenty of flowers that will fit your style and survive best for your day. They should have plenty of suggestions and ideas not only for beautiful blooms and design but also on how to best prolong and preserve your florals.

3. Give them a break

The longer your flowers are in the heat, the more likely they are to start wilting. Keep your bouquet inside and out of the sun as much as possible when they’re not needed. Ask your photographer if you’ll be using your photos for all of your photos, and if not, store them inside or with A/C as much as possible.

Bouquets by Flower & Weeds

4. Give them a drink

If you’re thirsty, then so is your bouquet! Keep your vase handy with a little bit of cool water in it, and store your flowers in it when they’re not in use. Some florals appreciate a little mist of water to perk them back up, too!

*Bring along some paper towels or a handkerchief to dry off the stems so that water doesn’t drip on your dress when you remove your bouquet.

5. Stay in the shade

Plants need light to grow, but when it comes to your wedding bouquet, the dimmer the light, the better! If you’re outdoors, try to stay in the shade and out of direct sunlight, and definitely don’t keep your flowers in the sun for long.

Bouquet by City House Country Mouse

6. Get creative

If you’re still concerned about dealing with the heat, get creative with your bouquet! You can select local flowers that are in season or add an array of succulents. While you can’t beat the look and smell of real flowers, many florists can create a very natural-looking bouquet of silk flowers; there are even soft, wooden floral bouquets that you can order and enjoy forever!

Wooden flower bouquet by Southern Blooms

As I’m typing, this, I’m realizing that you should basically treat your flowers like you would a hangover. Keep it dark, cold, and hydrate! Don’t hesitate to ask their advice on the best flowers to use and the best way to prolong the life of your bouquet!

Follow these tips and take your florist’s advice to keep your bouquet looking fresh no matter the weather!

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