Why You Should Have an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

Woo, it’s Wedding Tip Wednesday: Unplugged Wedding Tips

This week I’m sharing why an unplugged wedding ceremony is better for everyone. If you’ve never heard this term before, an unplugged wedding is when the couple has requested that guests refrain from taking photos during the wedding. Going unplugged for the ceremony is great for a few reasons:


1. Your guests are in the moment

As you look out at your guests while at the altar, would you rather see a bunch of phones, iPads, and cameras staring at you or the happy, smiling faces of the people you love? If they’re busy shooting or recording, then they’re not experiencing or enjoying your wedding as you planned.

2. Everyone has a view of the ceremony

Some guests can get a little overzealous while trying to get the perfect shot. Most people hold their phone up the air in front of them, others will jump in the aisle. Wherever they’re trying to shoot, they end up blocking the view from another guest or your hired photographer. Even worse is guests in the aisle during the processional blocking the groom’s view of his bride walking down the aisle!

3. Your pro photographer gets every shot

As your hired photographer, I’m constantly moving to get the best angle and the perfect photo for you. Some churches and venues have restrictions on where photographers can stand and move, so I can’t always get around a guest trying to capture the same shot. Many guests also use flash to light up darker venues, which can be visible and compromise capturing your pro photos. You only have one first kiss as a married couple, and an unplugged wedding means I get the perfect shot every time. Ultimately, your photos will have fewer distractions and more happy faces if your photographer is the only one shooting the ceremony.

Sounds good, but how do we tell our guests?

Most unplugged weddings will have a sign, make an announcement, or both. When Cody and I got married, we had a small sign by the front door asking guests to please keep the cameras and phones off for the ceremony. Before the ceremony began, our officiant also asked that guests refrain from taking photos and that our hired photographer had all of that covered for us. It’s that simple! You can make your own sign or buy one, check Pinterest and Etsy for some ideas.

You can also include an insert with your invitations or post info on your wedding website so that guests are prepared to leave their cameras and tablets at home.

Should we have an unplugged reception?

The above still applies for your reception “events” such as first dance and cake cutting. If you want plenty of guest photos from the party, the reception is a great time to “plug-in”. Once dancing starts your guests can get a lot of fun photos and selfies that will be fun to share. I love the idea of creating your own wedding hashtag (more on that next week). Your friends and family will get some great shots of everybody gettin’ down that everyone will love seeing online!

Ultimately it’s your decision on how you want your wedding captured and shared. I believe that an unplugged wedding ceremony lets everyone enjoy the wedding and gives you the best photos. What are your thoughts on going unplugged?


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