#winning at Wedding Hashtags

It’s Wednesday! And I have another wedding tip! Last week I told you to put the cell phones and cameras away, but this week I’m telling you to get them back out (for the reception, at least…)! Wedding hashtags are a great way to keep all of your guests’ photos in one place so they’re easy to find and share. You can create your own, custom hashtag to share with guests, then once the selfies and crazy dancing pics start popping up on Instagram, you’ll know where to find them.

Making your own wedding hashtag

Puns are the best. If you hate puns, you’re screwed. But seriously, there are a buttload of wedding terms and phrases to choose from, just add your names, and voilà! Ok, it’s maybe not quite that easy, but get your brain trust together for a few drinks, and you’ll have your tag in no time. Some helpful tips:

  • Make it personal- first names, last name, nicknames, wedding location, wedding date, etc. Something that makes it about you/your wedding
  • Make it unique- you don’t want 5 other weddings using the same hashtag
  • Keep it simple- it needs to be easy to spell, easy to type, and easy to remember (drunk wedding guests often have trouble typing)

Spread the word

Share your wedding hashtag with your guests! Make a sign, print some table tents, and put it in your wedding program or on your wedding website. Your # does you no good if nobody else knows about it! You’ll be with your wedding party all day, so get them on board with using it. (If you don’t want anyone to see photos of you before the wedding, make sure they know that, too!)

Use your wedding hashtag while planning your wedding, too. If you have photos from your engagement party, bridal shower, cake tasting, or a fun night of wedding planning, then tag them! You’ll have your whole wedding journey in one place on Instagram! Maybe don’t include the bachelorette/bachelor parties, though…


I’d love to hear what you’ve come up with for your big day! Share your wedding hashtags in the comments!


Happy planning,


  1. Daniel says:

    I usually post photos on social media without hashtags. Thanks for the tips to frame unique and catchy hashtags. Wedding hashtags seem to be important to share our cherished moments with others. Thanks for the useful post on hashtags.

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