Tower Grove Park Engagement Session | Ashlynn & Jenn

Engagement Photos in Tower Grove Park

This couple…they’re really fun. We were laughing the entire time during their session, and even though it was a cloudy evening, Ashlynn and Jenn’s love really brightened things up in Tower Grove Park! These two were not at all afraid to be themselves for their photos, and they spent their night talking and joking around together as we walked through the park. Their upcoming wedding is certainly going to kick it up a notch, but until then we get to enjoy Ashlynn and Jenn’s Tower Grove Park engagement session!

Tower Grove Pride

First, the shirts. They’re so good! Love IS love, we ARE all human, and I just love that Ashlynn and Jenn wore these shirts to show and celebrate their love for their engagement session. There is often a bit of a slightly awkward warm-up phase at the beginning of a session, but these two just jumped right in head-first with no shortage of personality and sass. So even when one of them (I won’t say whom…) struggled with my walking directions, the photos were still so perfectly them that they made the cut into their gallery. And since we didn’t get a real sunset thanks to the sky full of clouds, I went ahead and gave them their own, personal sunset with some of my Jedi light tricks.

Engagement Photos at the Tower Grove Park Ruins

After a quick wardrobe change and relocating to the center of Tower Grove Park, Ashlynn and Jenn were ready for some cozy, fall cuddles together. They love spending time in the park together, especially since they live nearby, so we had to include some of their favorite spots for their photos! Ashlynn also loves all things with water (just WAIT for the wedding photos!), so she and Jenn enjoyed just sitting together for a bit on a bench near the pond. Since the cloudy evening was taking away our light a bit quicker than usual, we added some extra dramatic flair to the latter part of their photoshoot, perfectly contrasting the lighter, more playful shots we got at the beginning with just the right amount of attitude!

Come back soon for Ashlynn and Jenn’s wedding photos, but keep scrolling for the rest of their Tower Grove Park engagement session!

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