Wedding at Wild Carrot | Suzanne & Dalston

Suzanne & Dalston’s Fall Wedding at Wild Carrot

I don’t even know where to begin when describing Suzanne and Dalston’s wedding day. I love getting to know couples as I work and talk with them leading up to their big day, and because of that, I can say without a doubt that Suzanne and Dalston’s wedding was absolutely 100% THEM. They put so much thought and care into their celebration, and it all completely reflected the two of them and their relationship together. So buckle up, because you’re going to love seeing their gorgeous fall wedding at Wild Carrot!

Getting Ready Together at Home

There were a lot of wedding traditions that just didn’t fit with Suzanne and Dalston’s values and vibes. From the very beginning of their wedding day, they did things their way, and that started with them getting ready together at their St. Louis home. With their wedding party, mothers, and cats, they had a relaxing morning lounging around in pjs just hanging out together. When it was time to get dressed for they day, they each put their outfits on and then assisted each other with the accessories and finishing touches. Couples really don’t get to spend a lot of time together with just the two of them on their wedding day, so being able to share these moments was very special for them.

A first look for Suzanne and Dalston didn’t feel quite right, but they did make a dramatic entrance to have a first look with their wedding party and moms! The group waited at the bottom of their gorgeous staircase as the happy couple walked down hand-in-hand for everyone to see them in all their wedding day glory! After some fabulous photos of everybody on the stairs together, it was time to journey to Wild Carrot to get this party started!

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony at Wild Carrot

Perfect fall weather means a perfect fall ceremony outdoors! After plenty of photos both inside and outside of Wild Carrot’s stunning space, we were also able to take all of Suzanne and Dalston’s family and group photos outside, too! Since we planned their schedule this way, they were able to enjoy their entire happy hour visiting with all of their guests (and sipping on some damn fine Negronis)!

Before all the reception fun, though, these two had to get married! Suzanne and Dalston’s ceremony took us all on a roller coaster of emotions! Their family and wedding party walked down the aisle, followed by Suzanne’s brothers as the flower guys, and finally, the couple walked out together, holding hands. Suzanne’s father shared a beautiful and emotional reading from J.R.R. Tolkien, and then Suzanne and Dalston held hands to share their vows. To determine who would go first, they had their officiant flip a coin, which decided that Suzanne would start. Their vows were sweet, personal, and filled with plenty of happy tears, and after exchanging their words of love and rings, they kissed and joyfully walked back down the aisle together as a married couple!

Wedding Reception at Wild Carrot

After a relaxing cocktail hour full of drinks, passed appetizers, and mingling, everyone took their seats for toasts and dinner. Suzanne and Dalston welcomed and thanked everyone for coming, then we heard wonderful speeches from both mothers and persons of honor. Once dinner was served, Suzanne and her dad stepped out to the dance floor for their special dance together, followed by Dalston and his mother sharing a very lively dance while being cheered on by everyone watching (the song was “Come On Eileen”). Suzanne and Dalston then had their first dance as a married couple, which got the party kicked off for an amazing night filled with dancing and celebration!

Want more photos of this amazing wedding at Wild Carrot?

To wrap it up, this wedding was amazing, Suzanne and Dalston are rad, and you definitely want to see more from their day, so keep scrolling for more!

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Wedding Vendor Dream Team:

Ceremony Venue: Wild Carrot
Reception Venue: Wild Carrot
Planner: Elegant Impressions
Suzanne’s Attire: Needle & Thread
Dalston’s Attire: Indochino
Hair & Make-up: Looks by Lisa
Florist: City House Country Mouse
Jeweler: Sycamoon Jewelry, Pebble Studio
Catering: Seed Sprout Spoon

Dessert: Tipsy Goat
Custom Neon Sign: Eye Candy Confetti

Invitations: Minted
Photography: Kelly Cook
After Party: Sasha’s on Shaw

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