How to “Save the Date”

Save the date cards are one of those things that can be optional for your wedding, but they’re great to share the news of your engagement and help your guests plan. They’re a nice heads-up to your family and friends (especially out-of-towners) to tell them they’re important and that you want them to share in your big day. Also, they’re less formal than invitations, so you can have a lot of fun with your design! Here’s what you need to know to get your save the dates sent out:

What to include in your save the date

  1. Your names – Most couples nowadays opt for first names only on the card. Just make sure you have your last names somewhere in there (on the envelope works), especially if you’re not using a photo!
  2. The date – Kind of the whole point of this thing, right?
  3. The location – You don’t need to include the exact address or venue. At least the city and state.
  4. Website – If you have a wedding website up, add the URL to your card! Then you can include all that other info on your site, too!
  5. Engagement photo – If you’ve had an engagement photo session already, this is a great way to share your favorite! Some photographers (ahem, hello) can help you design your save the date cards, too!

Have fun with it

Your save the date cards are a great way to show off your personalities and give a taste of your wedding style. You can match their style to the rest of your wedding invitation suite or design something completely different! Keep it simple with a postcard or go all out with a designer, just send something out that is “you”! I created the save the date below for my and Cody’s wedding (any Arrested Development fans?).

When to send

Plan to send your save the date cards out 5-7 months before your wedding, and maybe longer if you’re planning a destination wedding or your day is on/around a holiday. This gives your guests plenty of time to plan their schedules and arrange any necessary travel.

Once you set a goal date to mail your cards, start collecting addresses 1 month before. Keep all of your addresses organized in a spreadsheet. You will use these again, so maybe keep a backup list saved in an address book or in the cloud. If your wedding will have 60+ guests, I highly recommend either hiring a calligrapher or printing address labels for your STDs (I hate this abbreviation, but I’m tired of typing out save the date) and invitations. Then, get yourself return address labels or buy a custom address stamp!

You also don’t want to send these before you have your guest list planned out. If you’re worried about having to trim your list, only mail the cards to people who you know will absolutely make the cut. That’ll save you from having to explain to distant relatives or co-workers why they received a save the date and not an invitation. On that note, be sure to address your cards to include any +1 or children.

One last thing…

If you’re sending out a ton of cards that have a ton of envelopes to stuff and lick, turn on Netflix, grab a 6-pack or bottle of wine, and have fun while you check one more item off the to-do list!


Happy planning!

(I offer custom Save the Date cards! After your engagement session, we’ll work together to get you the perfect card with photos from your session! Get in touch for more info!)

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